Vita by Daniela


Life is lived in the details. Pausing to appreciate the subtle and seemingly unseen, stopping to ask questions, listening, doing good. While many stories are only as good as their ending, each piece from my workshop tells a story, rich in detail from the very beginning.

The story begins with sourcing ethically and responsibly sourced materials, utilising Fair-trade goods as often as possible. Through use of such materials, we make the choice to support ethical mining, supply chain transparency, environmentally conscious, and socially responsible producers. From the earth to the finished product, Fair-trade materials empower everyone involved to become better and honour a greater good.

Of equal importance to the process is you. I aspire to create something uniquely and wholly yours, and every piece is crafted with your vision in mind. No two pieces are identical, each taking on a special individuality.

The foundation of my work is inspired by all different types of graphic expression in an urban setting - metallic textures, coherent details, and repetitive shapes. A building, a block of concrete or a sidewalk detail can result in unique jewellery and objects, with a thorough and modern design.

Every piece from my workshop tells a story, let me tell yours.

Vita by Daniela is created by Daniela Montalbano, an independent jewellery designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. All items are made by Daniela herself.